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Wedding photography with a twist of whimsy

Joni + Matt's Wedding

When Matt asked me to shoot his wedding, I didn't hesitate to say yes. When he said it was at their new place in Hanford (south of Fresno), I didn't flinch. It's a good four hour drive from my house in Oakland, but how could I say no to the best banana bread baker I've ever met? Matt had just redesigned the backyard and the results were amazing. The new yard plus all the beautiful little touches added by Joni transformed it into the perfect spot for a wedding!

Let's start with Joni's beautiful red dress and teal pumps.

Joni's red dress hanging next to windowJoni's pumps on window sill

Matt and the boys get ready...

Matt helping his groomsman get ready Matt looking nice in his teal tieMatt and groomsman

...while Joni and the girls do the same...

Joni looking at mirror while teasing hair Joni getting readyJoni peeks through door

Joni's bouquet and a view of the flower petals lining the aisle.

Joni's bouquetFlower petals line the aisle

Joni and Matt put a lot of effort into getting the details just right.

White candlesParty favors Flowers on tableIce water infused with lemons Joni's dad playing the guitarCupcakes

Joni and Matt dedicate their lives to each other.

Joni and Matt exchanging vows Joni and Matt kiss Joni and Matt walk down aisle togetherJoni and Matt walk down aisle together

Time for some formal portraits.

Matt kisses Joni's belly Bridal party Converse kicks

Everybody get goofy!

Bridesmaids and groomsmen make funny faces

Mmmmm, cake.

Joni and Matt cutting cake

The next day, Joni, Matt, and I take a tour of Hanford and create some intimate portraits away from the spotlight.

Joni and Matt in an orchard Joni and Matt in an orchard Joni and Matt walk down road Joni and Matt gaze at each other with bouquet in foreground Joni and Matt gaze at each other Joni and Matt stand in front of doorway in downtown Hanford Joni and Matt kiss with bouquet partially blocking their faces

Joni and Matt take a break from looking seriously in love.

Joni and Matt frown at each other

Back to the lovey dovey poses.

Joni and Matt gaze at each other while leaning against brick wall

Here's a secret: Joni actually doesn't like banana shakes, but orders it because the color compliments her dress and his tie. Joni, you are awesome!

Joni and Matt share a banana shake Closeup of their rings Closeup of Joni's ring and teal pumps

Joni and Matt, thank you for welcoming me into your home and letting me be a part of your wonderful weekend.