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Jeanna + Brian's Wedding

They meet, they fall in love. She loves the way he needles her until she cries, "Stop it! STOP IT!!!" He loves her because...he tells me there are way too many reasons to list. Though they grew up only a few miles from each other, they didn't meet until years later. I know a lot about them, because Brian is my little brother. Yup, there's actually a smaller, but buffer version of me out there!

Their intimate ceremony takes place in the Rose Garden at the State Capitol in Sacramento. Brian's good friend Jimmy officiates the wedding and even films it. Talk about a great multitasker!

Let's start things off with the rings...

The rings

...and Jeanna's cute gold heels.

Jeanna's gold heels

Esther prepping Jeanna.

Esther prepping Jeanna Makeup brushes

Guys only need a few minutes to get ready, so Brian spent most of his "prep" time playing with his two-month old nephew Jakey.

Brian holding Jakey

Traditional Chinese red envelopes bring luck to the new couple.

Chinese lucky red envelopes

Brian relaxing before the ceremony. If he's nervous, he doesn't show it.

Brian sitting down and chilling out before the ceremony

The ceremony...

Jeanna and Brian exchange vows Jeanna and Brian exchange vowsJeanna and Brian exchange vows Jeanna putting ring on Brian I now pronounce you husband and wife!The newlyweds face their adoring crowd

Not sure what's happening here :-)

Jeanna and Esther share a shocking moment

Jeanna and Brian flashing their bling!

Jeanna and Brian showing off their rings

Family formals.

Brian holding JakeyFather of the groom holding Jakey Jeanna with her mom and new mother in law Jeanna and her sister Brian with his two siblings Jeanna, Brian, and Jeanna's sister Jeanna and her parents

Time to shoot some portraits.

Jeanna and Brian sitting on bench Jeanna and Brian share a kiss on bench Jeanna and Brian posingJeanna and Brian kissing Closeup of their entwined hands Brian kissing Jeanna Brian, Jeanna, and Jimmy Jeanna and Brian posing in front of State Capitol Jeanna and Brian walking across the street

Congratulations again! Welcome to the family Jeanna!