I’m Engaged!

I’m engaged!

This past Sunday morning, before church, I finally popped the question to Ahreum! I originally planned to set up my lights and propose in the afternoon on a beautiful stretch of Woodside where we like to watch sunsets. Unfortunately the past week was very wet and windy and though the forecast featured no rain, it was still windy and I did not want to risk it. I also did not want Ahreum to have to wait an entire week to tell her friends at church. Lastly, the ring felt heavier in my pocket with every passing hour! So at the last moment, I decided to just go for it and propose in the morning.

I scrambled to set up my light and camera as quickly as possible. Though I was nervous, I tried to be cool and acted like I simply wanted a nice picture of us featuring me wearing the spiffy cardigan Ahreum’s aunt got me for Christmas. When my equipment was ready, I asked her to step outside. I took a few test shots to try to get her in focus. She looked at me like I was the most silly guy in the world (I am) and though we were running late, she very sweetly played along. As she turned to look at the camera again, I got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and said something like, “…but the real question is, will you marry me?” At this point I pretty much figured that she saw this coming. I could not be more wrong. Her response was, “AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Breath. “AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” This went on for so long that I actually started wondering if this was her way of saying, “NOOOOOOO!!!” So I asked her again…and maybe two more times! She finally nodded vigorously and said, “YES!”


So I got all this on camera right? No! My remote was spotty all morning and ended up not triggering at all during the crucial moment. These pictures are actually reenactments :-)

We ended up getting to church a little late, but I think it was worth it!

By the way, you see that small light blue object on the ground? That was a garden knee pad I used for both keeping my pants clean and for marking where I needed to kneel in order to be in the picture. Just a free hint to all my photographer buddies who might also want to capture their proposals :-)

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  1. Sendy Hyland says:

    I love it :) congrats!!!!

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