Preparing For Sendy+Bryan’s Wedding

Sketch of Bryan holding umbrella for Sendy

Sendy and Bryan’s wedding is only hours away! After weeks of drawing sketches of potential poses for Sendy and Bryan, it’s almost time for the real thing! If it rains (and it might), I have a few poses up my sleeve!

I also made a giant checklist of things to do before the wedding. Here’s a little peek:

  • Learn to draw? Someday.
  • Sync camera clocks with Brian? Check.
  • Reformat memory cards? Check.
  • Recharge batteries? Check.
  • Print shot list, schedule, and map? Check.
  • Watch as much Jasmine Star’s Wedding Photography Course on creativeLIVE as possible? Check.
  • Get haircut? Check.
  • Pick up pocket-sized tissue and facial blotting paper? Check.
  • Wait in line for 15 minutes at new Emeryville Target for the two items above? Check. Ugh.
  • Sleep? Soon!

I am very excited for Sendy and Bryan. I know they are going to look amazing! I can’t wait to start shooting!

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