Natalia and Sarah Model Shoot

Three closeup photos of Natalia

“My friend Eric is setting up a model shoot: Gorgeous models in a beautiful hotel and a few enthusiastic photographers. Are you in or out?” Brian asked me. How could I say no?

Natalia's dress

We met at The W Silicon Valley bright and early and inside one cramped room littered with makeup, gowns, and lots of shoes, we collectively pulled out some great images! I can’t thank Natalia (above), Sarah (below), and Mike enough for their time and patience.

Mike relaxing

Sarah relaxing on couch

Finally, much love goes out to Jocelyn Gomez for the beautiful hair and makeup!

Jocelyn working on Natalia

I learned a lot watching Eric and Brian work and definitely took home a few new nuggets of knowledge. It doesn’t get much better than spending a day photographing beautiful people.

Stay tuned for more photos from the shoot!

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