Eyes Down…Just Ignore Everyone…

Stack of bridal magazine subscription cards

It was Sunday evening and I felt antsy. I had to get out of the house. All day long I worked on the website while listening to Jasmine Star’s creativeLIVE Wedding Workshop. I did walk over to the local Farmers Market, but that was hours ago. I needed a breather, so I thought, why not go over to the local bookstore and peruse the bridal magazines? I was due for some new inspiration.

So I headed over, found the large wedding section, and grabbed just about every magazine. Arms straining from the load, I looked for a quiet corner. Ah, there’s actually an open chair! I sit down and start flipping pages. Is it me, or are people looking at me funny? I catch little furtive glances from passerbyers (sp?). Is it just my imagination? If not, are they passing judgement on the guy wearing the purple hoodie surrounded by stacks of bridal magazines? Or do they simply covet the comfy sturdy chair? I will never know, but in the future I’d rather just enjoy the magazines from the comfort of my plushy sofa.

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