Welcome to my new blog!

Sendy + Bryan at Half Moon Bay

Welcome to my blog! I’m Myron Yeung and I’m an inventive wedding photographer for fun people. I’m based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but spend a lot of time all over California. It’s been said that a blog is a person’s online voice. My goal is for you to get a good feel for who I am: serious at times, fun at times, and always a little silly.

As you can see from the messed up layout, I have a lot of work ahead of me integrating the look and feel of my main site with the blog. I’d rather be shooting pictures than tweaking code, but I will make it a priority to have the blog looking pretty asap!

I haven’t done a good job keeping my website up-to-date the last few months, but I’m aiming to change that. The photo above is from Sendy + Bryan’s engagement shoot last week at Half Moon Bay. Photographing them was so fun that it spurred me into action. I’ll blog about them soon, but for now, I’ll just mention that they were an incredibly fun couple to work with. We collaborated on several ideas and came up with some very cool photos. More details to come!

For those of you who follow my other photography blog, babyfisheye, it’s still alive! The main focus will continue to center on my photography experiments. If you enjoy reading about gadgets and techniques, definitely stop by babyfisheye.

Thanks for checking out my blog, please come back soon!

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